Open, Accessible Data

In the spirit of finally reworking the site's template, I took some time to modify the “Data” and the “Outreach and Education” pages, found in the top menubar. If you navigate over to them, you'll see descriptions of what I've done instead of barebones links. I hope that this update enables more people to access my data, view my outreach resources, and use them for their own research and education. As I finish polishing datasets and making sure that I have the rights to share them, I will update the Data page with sightings records for the West Virginia White butterfly.

In other news, we've recently had a paper accepted by the Journal of Chemical Ecology – we're just waiting on proofs so that it can move through to publication! Yay! This most recent publication deals with a second round of feeding assays for West Virginia White butterflies, and how they responded to the chemical components of garlic mustard.


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